Security and Safety Precautions for Apartment Dwellers

Safety Precautions for Apartment Dwellers

Living on your own in an apartment can be the perfect way for you to safely enjoy the city life. With the extra security features apartment buildings provide, you might forget about daily safety precautions; however it is best to stick to a strict security routine in order to protect yourself and your belongings. To… Read more »

6 Pieces of Furniture You’ll Keep Forever

Furniture You’ll Keep Forever

The furniture you choose for your home is a reflection of your interior design style. Investing in high quality pieces can not only complete the look of your home, but it can also make sure they are lasting mementos that can be passed down for generations. Quality furniture stands the test of time, so splurging… Read more »

Budgeting Tips for Students Away From Home During School Year

Budgeting Tips for Students

A new school year is quickly approaching and, for some, that means moving away from home for the first time. The excitement and anticipation of a new year also brings new responsibilities like finances, which are extremely important to stay ahead of. To make everything easier to manage, we have compiled a list of budgeting… Read more »

What’s New in Storage

What’s New in Storage

The way we view storage has changed drastically in the past few years. With efficiency and economy of space a concern, there’s been a notable shift in the way we approach this issue. From new approaches toward household items, to changes in the storage facility industry, there have been many novel solutions to the old… Read more »

Your Guide to Apartment Cleaning

Guide to Apartment Cleaning

Cleaning may not be everyone’s favourite chore, or the most entertaining one, but is still a very important task for maintaining your home. While it’s not something you have to do every weekend, a deep, thorough scrub down of your place should be a semi-regular occurrence to maintain a clean space. With that, we’ve compiled… Read more »

6 Ways to Achieve the Boho-Chic Style in Your Living Room

Boho Chic Style Living Room

Boho-Chic is a wonderful medley of diverse, creative and eclectic style choices that all somehow come together to work so well. Whether it’s having some beautiful, warm textiles in a room that is filled with antiques, or a place bursting at the seams with colours, textures, and plants, Boho-Chic style is as wide and inclusive… Read more »

5 New Dining Spaces that are Trending Right Now

Toronto New Dining Spaces that are Trending Right Now

Finding those perfect dining spaces around your neighbourhood can be a little difficult given how hectic life can be, BUT, finding these fun little oases can be key to having a perfect date or outing (even if you’re not a foodie). We’ve assembled a list of 5 new dining spaces that are trending right now,… Read more »

A Guide to Purchasing Bedroom Linen

Guide to Purchasing Bedroom Linen

Choosing the right bedroom linen is an important part of having the perfect bedroom. There can be a lot of new terms and information though that goes along with finding the best linens. Fill power, or how ‘fluffy’ a comforter is, and thread count, how many threads horizontally and vertically are in a square inch… Read more »

Where and How to Have an Epic Summer Picnic in Toronto

Summer Picnic in Toronto

With the warm weather in full swing again, it’s the perfect time to get your friends or family together for a summer picnic in downtown Toronto. The city offers a wide assortment of green spaces and parks for your enjoyment and picnicking needs, and you don’t have to travel far outside of the city’s downtown… Read more »

Tips for Extending the Shelf Life of Fridge Foods

Extending the Shelf Life of Fridge Foods

The invention of the fridge changed how we viewed food permanently, greatly extending the shelf life of much of the foods we all enjoy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of your fridge! Sometimes, the way we use our fridges can lead to our food spoiling quicker than we’d like. Below… Read more »