All About Grandmillennial Style, The Décor Trend That Will Rule 2021

grand millenial style

If you’re growing a little tired of minimalism or want to freshen up your neutral, transitional furniture, you might want to pay attention to grandmillennial style, the decor trend that is predicted to rule 2021. It brings back some of the design hallmarks from our grandparents’ time, but in a playful and modern way, and… Read more »

Toronto Bookstores That Deliver To Your Doorstep

toronto bookstores that deliver

For booklovers, one of life’s greatest joys is time spent browsing the stacks or perusing tables full of books. Thankfully many of the city’s best booksellers have websites where they’ve curated a great selection of titles in every genre. You can shop from the comfort of home, buy gifts for loved ones and maybe even… Read more »

The Best Coffee Shops Next To 561 Sherbourne

coffee shops next to 561 sherbourne

Sometimes stepping out to grab a coffee can be one of the best parts of the day. It’s the chance to take a quick break from work, get some fresh air, enjoy a change of scenery, and, best of all, to treat yourself. Many cafes are now offering contactless pick-up in addition to standard takeout…. Read more »

How To Decorate With The Colour Trends Of 2021

colour trends of 2021

We’re at that time of year when experts and influencers alike start naming their colour trends of 2021. This coming year will have an exciting range from all parts of the colour spectrum: warm creams, deep gem colours, and blue-greens. Read on for our favourite ideas on how to incorporate them into your decor!

5 London Businesses That Deliver Next To Revo And Blossom Gate

london businesses that deliver

In the past several months, demand for at-home delivery has skyrocketed as we all try to stay safe and respect social distancing. However, it’s not just groceries and Uber Eats that can be brought to your doorstep. Are you looking for bespoke flower arrangements, beer, coffee, books, and much more? They’re all on our list… Read more »

The Best Toronto Cycling Trails To Hit This Fall

toronto cycling trails

Toronto is known as a cosmopolitan city, bursting with culture and entertainment. Yet the city has much nature to enjoy as well, such as its lakeside beaches, expansive ravine system, and rivers like the Don and Humber. A great way to explore all this greenery is on a bike! Read on for our top picks… Read more »

5 Tips To Style Bookshelves

tips to style bookshelves

Nesting season is upon us as the cooler weather sets in, so why not take this weekend to start a little DIY decorating project? Our tips to style bookshelves will allow you to freshen up your space in no time. Read on for simple steps to create visually stunning shelves in no time at all!

Date Night Restaurants To Order From Near 55 Lisgar

restaurants near 55 lisgar

Bonding over food is a classic date night activity. Luckily, there are so many great restaurants near 55 Lisgar, from French cuisine with a twist to Malaysian street food. Here are our favourite choices, all of which offer delivery as well so you can enjoy your meal from the comfort of your home.

How To Style A Home Office That Doubles As A Guest Bedroom

office that doubles as a guest bedroom

Having a spare room in your home is an exciting opportunity! Often, we need these rooms to function as a workspace and a guest room. Keeping multiple functions in mind, here are our tips on how to style a space that doubles as a guest bedroom.

Tips On Growing Succulents In Your Home

growing succulents

Plants immediately bring a sense of warmth and hominess into any space. However, without a bit of knowledge about how to care for them, it can be difficult to ensure your plants survive. Luckily, succulents are easy to tend to if you follow a few simple tips. Read on for our guide to growing succulents… Read more »