College Students: How to Feel at Home in Your New Rental Away from Home

How to Feel at Home in Your New Rental

College is a new and exciting time in your life, and moving into a new apartment opens up the potential for decorating and showing off your style. Although you may be excited moving to a new place, there may be lingering feelings of homesickness. Here are some tips on how to feel at home in… Read more »

Our Favourite Coffee Shops Near 561 Sherbourne

Coffee Shops Near 561 Sherbourne

  Toronto is renowned for its many opportunities to explore unique and delicious coffee houses, each offering a different experience. Start your day off with one of the many locations close to you by using this list of our favourite coffee houses near 561 Sherbourne.

A Walkthrough of the 2 Bedroom Suite at Vision Towers

2 Bedroom Suite at Vision Towers

We’re thrilled to say, Vision isn’t just a vision for us anymore. The Vision Towers, our brand-new, rental community in Ajax is just months away from becoming a place that many call home. If this is the first you’re hearing of it, Vision is one of our latest projects at Medallion, and it’s situated in… Read more »

Summer Activities in Ajax


Need some summer-activity inspiration or recommendations for the town of Ajax? Look no further. We’ve done the hard work for you – we’ve asked around to find some of the best things to do in the Ajax area, and here are a few of our favourite responses: The Greenwood Conservation Area (All summer) Become one… Read more »