Our Top 5 Picks Around Emery Village for Family Fun

Emery Village for Family Fun

Emery Village is a quaint neighbourhood, surrounded by natural beauty, situated just north of York. The village is close to many outdoor and indoor activities, suitable for people of all ages, including trails, hiking, parks, and attractions. Here are our top 5 picks around Emery Village for family fun.

Let There be Light! The Best Lighting Solutions for Each Room

Lighting Solutions for each room

Your dream home is a place where you should look forward to spending time. Using the correct type of lighting for each room will add ambience and make it more comfortable.To make your home feel more inviting, each room should have its own unique type of lighting, as this will give your home character while… Read more »

Declutter Your Space: 5 Home Ideas to Make Your Apartment Look Clutter Free

Declutter Your Space

Anxiety, stress, and overall discomfort can result from a large amount of clutter in a small space and lead to feelings of discontent with your apartment. With the right steps, you can eliminate the clutter in your life, and make your place the apartment you always dreamed about. Here are 5 home ideas to make… Read more »

Medallion Update: A Close Up Look at the Latest Developments

Medallion Update

As a rental company that is dedicated to providing quality rental properties to Toronto and surrounding areas, Medallion Corporation has been busy with completing many new developments, preparing rental offices for opening, and becoming a part of the communities they are involved in through different events. The following is an update on some of the… Read more »

6 Tips on How to Baby Proof Your Apartment

Baby Proof Your Apartment

Having a baby in your life is an exciting and memorable occasion that causes major changes to your lifestyle and your home. With little to no fear and an avid curiosity, babies and toddlers can be at risk of putting themselves in danger if the right safety precautions are not taken within your home. To… Read more »

Minimalism: How to Master the Trend


In today’s design trends, the minimalist approach is becoming very popular. This style of interior design incorporates simplicity and purity into your home and gives it a clean cut, but comfortable atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to master the trend of minimalism.

College Students: How to Feel at Home in Your New Rental Away from Home

How to Feel at Home in Your New Rental

College is a new and exciting time in your life, and moving into a new apartment opens up the potential for decorating and showing off your style. Although you may be excited moving to a new place, there may be lingering feelings of homesickness. Here are some tips on how to feel at home in… Read more »