Our Guide To Living With Roommates


Studies show that Toronto and Vancouver are the top two cities in Canada where individuals are most likely to live with roommates. The financial benefits are obvious: not only are you splitting your rent, but your utilities as well! Many adults who live with non-family members also report a  sense of companionship as a bonus…. Read more »

Prepare For Your Move With Our Easy Apartment Move Checklist

apartment move checklist

The prospect of moving can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help! A new home marks an exciting new era in your life, and we have some ideas to help you smoothly transition with the change. Read on for our easy apartment move checklist!

Great Ajax Transit Options Near Vision at Pat Bayly Square Tower 2

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Vision at Pat Bayly Square is ideally located in Ajax next to many amenities and entertainment. We’ve compiled a guide to getting around both locally and in the wider GTA using public transport. Read on to learn the Ajax transit options to get to school, work, or play in a snap!

Follow These Minimalist Decor Ideas to Add Sleek Simplicity to Your Home


Minimalism is a design theory that posits stripping away unessential features in a room and displaying only the most necessary elements will leave you with the purest possible expression of your style. In other words: less is more! To celebrate this timeless trend, we’ve collected some minimalist decor ideas to try at home. Read on… Read more »

Easy Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas

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Whether it’s getting delicious meals served on time or creating a beautiful table setting, even the most seasoned hosts can feel the pressure while throwing Thanksgiving celebrations. We want you to mingle with your friends and family during this holiday, not sweat it out in the kitchen all night long! With that in mind, here… Read more »

Curious About Your Medallion Development Neighbourhood Walk Score?

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When we say in real estate that “location is everything,” we often mean how close a rental unit is to entertainment and shopping. When looking at apartments, you might ask yourself, “What can I walk to from this location?” Luckily, has created a patented methodology, backed by academic research, that assigns neighbourhoods scores from… Read more »

Things To Do in Ajax Near Vision at Pat Bayly Square Vision Tower 2

Toronto Events

The GTA is constantly evolving, so it’s always good to have a handy list of the latest and greatest in your area. Our Vision at Pat Bayly Square Tower 2 is under development, and we thought you could use some tips for what to do nearby! Some of our suggestions for things to do in… Read more »

Toronto Fall Events to Look Forward To

toronto fall events

Fall is a time of transition; and with the cooler weather comes plans for the final months of the year. Just because summer is behind us doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to look forward to! In fact, autumn is a season where Toronto shines with many of its best and brightest events falling in… Read more »

5 Fun Ways to Achieve Asymmetrical Decor in Your Home

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If you’re looking for a creative way to make your interiors stand out, asymmetrical decor is the answer. This theory of design holds that certain elements should be placed off-center or mismatched to create interest. The key is to retain some cohesion so your overall design looks harmonized. Read on for our tips to achieve… Read more »

5 Rental Laws You Should Know Before Signing A Lease


Rental laws in Ontario do a lot to protect renters, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them before signing a lease agreement. Whether you’ve been renting for years or you’re venturing off to school and getting your first apartment, there’s a lot of legislation around tenancy you may not know! Read on… Read more »