Spring Decor Tips to Welcome the Warmer Weather

spring decor tips

Spring is traditionally the season of renewal and rejuvenation. With warmer temperatures and more sun, you’ll probably find you have more energy for organization and projects around the house. We have a couple of easy suggestions for you to give your home a little spring makeover and ring in the new season! Read on for… Read more »

How to Use Throw Pillows to Brighten Your Home

throw pillows

Keeping up with the near-constant changes in interior decor can be time consuming and expensive. If your home is looking a little dated, don’t feel like you need to splurge on window dressings or a new sofa. Often, all it takes to make a room feel fresh is some smart accessorizing. Throw pillows are some… Read more »

4 Completely Free Easter Weekend Activities in Toronto


Busy parents may be looking forward to the Easter long weekend, but it can be a challenge to occupy kids not in school or daycare. Finding activities that are affordable and appeal to both adults and children alike isn’t easy, but we’ve come up with a great list right here in the city. With a… Read more »

Neighbourhoods With the Highest and Lowest Rent in Toronto

Shot of a young couple moving a couch into their new home

The hunt for rental housing in cities like Toronto and Vancouver has become increasingly competitive and – as a result – confusing. Demand for rental units is increasing and the cost has risen to reflect such an influx. In order to cut through that confusion, we’ve put together the neighbourhoods with the highest and lowest… Read more »

3 Easy Houseplants That Thrive in Apartment Units

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Plants are a great way to bring a little colour and energy into your indoor spaces. They not only act as a quick decorating tool but also help clean the environment around them, bringing a breath of fresh air to whatever room they’re in. However, not all of us are blessed with a green thumb… Read more »

Affordable Live Events in the GTA That Won’t Break the Bank


The GTA is diverse, offering many different live cultural, musical, and theatrical performances. Whether you have no money or only a little bit to spare, there is a live performance waiting for you in the city! Use this guide to help you find a live performance in the GTA that won’t break the bank!

Get Motivated with these 5 Home Office Organization Tips

home office

Your home office is the place where you complete tasks for work, right in the comfort of your own place. If properly organized, it can also be a place you look forward to spending time in, as well as a great room for keeping files and important documents organized. Transform your office into the perfect… Read more »

Understanding Lease and Rental Agreements: Our Advice


A lease or rental agreement is a contract that you enter into between you and your landlord, stating that you will follow all of the conditions laid out in the agreement. If you are new to renting, these contracts can sometimes be difficult to decipher. Sort out any misunderstandings, and avoid miscommunication by taking some… Read more »

3 Ways to Make an Apartment Seem More Spacious


A small apartment can be an easy and practical solution to high rental fees, and an advantageous way to save some money by cutting down on square footage. However, just because you may have a small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel closed in or cramped. Turn your small area into a dream oasis… Read more »