What to do in Toronto this Month?

To Do in Toronto this Month

Although the lights, decorations, and excitement from the holidays have passed, Toronto is still a vibrant, exciting city full of opportunity and events. January is a month for unwinding and enjoying yourself in your city, after the busy rush of the holidays. Banish your post holiday blues, and get out of your apartment this month… Read more »

Top 5 Post Holiday Cleaning Tips

Post Holiday Cleaning Tips

The rush of the holidays is over, and your family has returned to its routine, but there is still clean up to be completed. Evade the impending doom of post holiday cleanup, and follow these top 5 post holiday cleaning tips.

5 DIY Holiday Projects for You and Your Family to Try

DIY Holiday Projects

The spirit of the holidays is in the air, and the magic of the season is just around the corner. This year, help build the family’s anticipation for the big day by spending some quality time together taking on projects. Here are 5 DIY holiday projects for your family to try.

7 Inexpensive Ways to Host a Holiday Dinner at Your Apartment

Inexpensive Ways to Host a Holiday Dinner at Your Apartment

An iconic part of the holiday season is the celebratory dinner with family and friends. Although many people assume that a holiday feast is expensive, there are many ways to avoid high costs, and still host one for your friends and family to remember. Here are 7 inexpensive ways to host a holiday dinner at… Read more »

Top 5 Places to Visit in Toronto this Holiday Season

Toronto this Holiday Season

Toronto is a magical blend of city culture and holiday cheer during the season, with a wide range of activities to do, and places to visit. With no end to holiday fun, it is the perfect city to spend the holidays enjoying time with family and friends. Here are the top 5 places to visit… Read more »

Holiday Decor on a Budget

The holidays are fast approaching, and the magic of the season is in the air. Despite the cozy, inviting feeling and the goodness that shines bright around the holidays, it is also often a time associated with expenses. This year, avoid the stresses associated with the financial aspects of the season and use these tips… Read more »

How to Make Your Apartment Feel Cozy in the Colder Months

Make Your Apartment Feel Cozy

Fall is almost over, and with the winter months approaching, the weather for sweaters, hot chocolate, and blankets is here. Now is the perfect time to give your apartment a warm and inviting atmosphere to make you and your guests feel more at home. Here are some handy tips to make your apartment feel warm… Read more »

The Benefits of Renting Vs. Buying

The Benefits of Renting

There are multiple benefits to renting versus buying, and in fact, renting is becoming more common in today’s market because of the high housing prices. Regardless of whether you are renting a small apartment for yourself or a condo for your family, there are many reasons why renting can be more beneficial than buying. Here… Read more »

7 Unconventional Storage Solutions for Your Rental Apartment

Your apartment is your oasis; your escape after a long day at work, and the place you spend most of your spare time. Although a small apartment may emit an illusion of having no storage space, there are multiple ways to hide your things and maintain the zen within your surroundings. Here are 7 unconventional… Read more »