Cabbagetown Patios To Visit Before Summer Ends

cabbagetown patios

Summertime means convening with friends and family outside, preferably over drinks and delicious food. As Toronto continues to reopen, many local restaurants are serving customers in outdoor settings while following all government recommendations for safety. Here’s our top picks for Cabbagetown patios to visit soon!

5 Reasons To Live At Blossom Gate

live at blossom gate

Whether you’re a student, young professional, or looking to find a home for your family, Blossom Gate in London has it all. Located close to the downtown core, shopping, and greenspace, this community has it all. Read on for our top reasons to live at Blossom Gate.

Summer Entertaining Ideas

summer entertaining ideas

When it comes to summer entertaining, you want to create the right atmosphere for your guests without going through hours of prep. The key is a few clever shortcuts so you can spend time on what’s worth it. Read on for our tips to creating the perfect evening.

Why You’ll Love Living At Vision At Pat Bayly Square


There are many reasons to live in Ajax, from the booming economy to the nature and  entertainment on offer. This is why we located Vision At Pat Bayly Square in Ajax, and filled it with thoughtful features and amenities to suit your lifestyle. Read on for our top reasons to live at Vision At Pat… Read more »

4 Cool Features Of 55 Lisgar Apartments In Toronto

When you think of your next home in Toronto, what are your top requirements? Maybe you’re dreaming of great nightlife and entertainment nearby, or accessibility to green space. 55 Lisgar Apartments have all that and more! Let us take you on a tour of all the cool features of living in this building.

Cabbagetown Restaurants That Deliver Next To Sherbourne Towns

cabbagetown restaurants that deliver

Cabbagetown is known for its eclectic food scene, and luckily there are many options that are available to be delivered straight to your door! Whether you’re looking for Parisian bistro dishes or a taste of the Philippines, there are several delicious choices for your next meal. Read on for our favourite Cabbagetown restaurants that deliver… Read more »

4 Things To Label In Your Home To Make Your Life Easier

If you’re looking for a solution to making your home more organized, labelling could very well be the answer! This allows you to easily find what you’re looking for, even if something is in a bin or otherwise not immediately visible. Here are our ideas for things to label to make your life easier!

Visit These Lesser-Known Toronto Parks This Summer

lesser-known toronto parks

Taking a stroll through your favourite park is a great mood booster that ensures you get some exercise and sunshine. Making sure you’re enjoying the outdoors while also observing social distancing rules can be a bit tricky, however. Luckily, there are over 1,500 green spaces in our city, many of which don’t see a lot… Read more »

Our Guide To Furniture Worth Spending On (And 3 Pieces You Can Save On)


Interior decorating is an expression of your personal style and allows you to make a house a home. However, furniture can be expensive, especially if you find yourself moving out on your own for the first time and needing to buy a whole set at once. When it comes down to it, some smaller pieces… Read more »

Ideas for DIY Wall Art You Can Start Today

DIY wall art

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass a weekend afternoon, why not consider DIY wall art? Not only can you exercise your art skills, but you’ll have a beautiful piece to display on your walls. Read on for our favourite ideas.