171 Main Street

Telephone: (416) 256-3900 Ext. 251

Building Information

This retail property is located on the ground floor of our Landmarq residential property, with 4,400 square feet of retail shops and services. There is ample dedicated retail parking for patrons.

Rate Information

Basic Rent: Contact Leasing Representative
Additional Rent: Estimated Per Square Foot for the Fiscal Year to August 31, 2015 as

Taxes: 5.25
Operating Costs: $3.15

(all rates subject to change)

Additional Information

  • 4,300 Square Feet Of Retail
  • Ground Floor Of a 254 Suite Residential Rental Building
  • Split System Packaged HVAC Units


171 Main Street, Brampton.

Contact Information

Will Bremner
Tel: (416) 256-3900 Ext. 251
Email: WillBremner@MedallionCorp.com

Listing Broker:
The Behar Group Realty Inc.
Sari Samarah
Telephone: (416) 636-8898 Ext. 231
Email: sari@thebehargroup.com

Lily Masters
Telephone: (416) 636-8898 Ext. 239
Email: lmasters@thebehargroup.com
Web Site: www.thebehargroup.com

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