3333-3347 Danforth Avenue

Telephone: (416) 879-7781

Building Information

This retail property is located on the ground floor of our Danforth Avenue residential property, with 6,000 square feet of convenience retailers.

Rate Information

Basic Rent: Contact Leasing Representative
Additional Rent: Estimated Per Square Foot for the Fiscal Year to August 31, 2015 as

Taxes: $7.90
Operating Costs: $4.84 (no natural gas charge)

(all rates subject to change)

Additional Information

  • 6,000 Square Feet Of Retail
  • Ground Floor Of A Residential Rental Building
  • Building Hours Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00 Hours


3333-3347 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.

Contact Information

Will Bremner
Tel: (416) 256-3900 Ext. 251
Email: WillBremner@MedallionCorp.com

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