4 Things To Label In Your Home To Make Your Life Easier

If you’re looking for a solution to making your home more organized, labelling could very well be the answer! This allows you to easily find what you’re looking for, even if something is in a bin or otherwise not immediately visible. Here are our ideas for things to label to make your life easier!

General Tips

things to label in your home

First, some general rules that bring out the best in labelling. Remember, the point is visibility and increasing ease of access: you want to be able to immediately spot what you’re looking for. To achieve this, make sure you use an easy-to-read type. Additionally, colour code if possible based on categories. Finally, if you are labelling something that changes (say, pantry goods or craft supplies which are regularly replenished), try to use a blackboard label for temporary labelling. Simply erase and start over as needed!

Spice Bottles

things to label in your home

If you’ve ever rooted through a drawer while a pot boils away on your stove, you know how helpful labelling spices is! If you have a spice rack, try putting spices into pretty containers and labelling them. This is great if you have multiple half-used bottles and want to declutter by combining them into one. If your spices are in a drawer, we recommend placing labels on top. This is key to preventing you from having to check several spices before finding what you need!

Kids Toys

things to label in your home

Kids’ toys tend to get unruly, so separating and labelling is your best bet against clutter. Sort them by type (stickers, jigsaw puzzles, etc) so your kids will always know where they are. Labelling their toys can also train little ones to hone their reading skills and self-sufficiency.

Pantry Staples

things to label in your home

When you place ingredients like sugar, flour, and salt in mason jars and add labels, you’re not only organizing your pantry but adding a flourish of style while you’re at it. This is especially helpful since many shelf-stable grains and baking ingredients tend to look interchangeable in a jar. Labelling eliminates confusion!

Craft Supplies

things to label in your home

Many crafts supplies like stickers, jewellery wires, and glitter are all small and easy to lose. Storing them any old way often results in a confusing jumble. Your crafting experience will be much improved when you sort supplies into pretty containers and label them to make your life easier.

Closets & Medicine Cabinets

things to label in your home

After all that careful folding and sorting, the last thing you want to do is disrupt your closets and cupboards! This tip is especially helpful if you have sheets or towels similar in colour. Label them according to their usage. Then, stick your bath products in wicker baskets for a clean look. 

Labelling can help you achieve a sense of order in your home, and seriously cuts down on searching for wayward items. We hope we’ve kick started your creativity for your next project. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow the Medallion blog for more tips.