5 Fun Ways to Achieve Asymmetrical Decor in Your Home

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If you’re looking for a creative way to make your interiors stand out, asymmetrical decor is the answer. This theory of design holds that certain elements should be placed off-center or mismatched to create interest. The key is to retain some cohesion so your overall design looks harmonized. Read on for our tips to achieve this fun decorating look!

Get Creative With Gallery Walls

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A wall gallery is a great way to individualize your space. The options for placements are endless, and we love quirky asymmetrical setups right now. As a bonus, you don’t have to match the size of your wall art when you’re not going for symmetry. We recommend keeping some cohesion, however, either in colour or theme. In the above image, you can see the pictures share deep, cool tones. Their off-centre placement adds a fun asymmetrical decor element to the room!

Use Ottomans for Height Variety

asymmetrical decor

Traditionally, living rooms consist of a sofa or two and an even number of chairs. But you can really mix things up when you use an ottoman as seating! Choose a comfortable, large style which your guests will enjoy sitting on. As a bonus, this is a space saver for smaller living rooms; and the ottoman can double as a coffee table. You’ll find the asymmetrical decor that comes from using an ottoman gives your living room a more relaxed, welcoming vibe for your guests.

Hang Mirrors in Unusual Ways
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Groups of mirrors are a great way to add asymmetrical decor to your home. In the image above the mirrors play off the sink, which anchors one side of the room, and add curves to an otherwise angular space. The towel rack carries the black from the mirrors and ties the whole room together. Remember, it’s about achieving the right ratio of balanced and unbalanced elements.

Place Your Coffee Table Off-Centre

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This is another simple way to play with placement. In the above photo, the room retains balance by placing the cushion on one side of the sofa to offset the nesting tables which are placed slightly to the left. Further, the wall art hanging off centre makes the design look more intentional. We suggest getting a coffee table that is one third to about half the length of your sofa; the effect is lost if your table is too similar in size to your couch.

Go For Mis-Matched Nightstands

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Who says everything has to match perfectly? Mis-matched nightstands are a fun way to buck the trend. Similarly to our other asymmetrical decor tips, we suggest using a uniting theme to retain some cohesion. Here, the nightstands share the same colour and general design, but two nightstands of a similar colour with differing designs works just as well. In fact, this can be a good opportunity for an upcycling project: repaint an old nightstand to match one you’ve recently bought. Either way, not matching all your furniture exactly can be a smart way to save on money and inject some style into your home!

We hope we’ve helped you think outside the box and venture further into asymmetrical decor. Sometimes all you need to do is play around with the placement of your furniture and you’ll find your home has a fresh new look! Happy decorating and be sure to follow along on the Medallion Blog for more great decor ideas.