Follow These Minimalist Decor Ideas to Add Sleek Simplicity to Your Home


Minimalism is a design theory that posits stripping away unessential features in a room and displaying only the most necessary elements will leave you with the purest possible expression of your style. In other words: less is more! To celebrate this timeless trend, we’ve collected some minimalist decor ideas to try at home. Read on for our tips on how to maximize minimalism!

Think Functionality

minimalist decor

The sense of harmony and calm that minimalism brings arises from the lack of unnecessary elements cluttering up a room. When it comes to selecting furniture, take stock of a space and think about how you use it. Side tables, seating, and lighting should all be placed where they are needed in a room, and any “extras” without a distinct purpose should be removed.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix In A Pop of Colour

minimalist decor

The typical palette of minimalism is white, grey, and beige, since these neutral colours project the clean mood of the style. However, a well-placed pop of colour serves to add some interest while not interfering with a neutral palette. Try to incorporate colour into accessories like sofa cushions for an unexpected element.

Use Clean Lines

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Similar to a neutral palette, simple, unfussy lines project tidiness. Look for furniture with relatively little adornment. When going for a minimal look, angular lines are preferred over softer, feminine furniture. Think mid-century modern or simple, organic looking styles.

Use Patterns Sparingly

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Too many patterns clutter up an otherwise clean, minimalist look. However, when used judiciously, such as on cushions, they can add variety without distracting. Incorporating contrasting textures is another way to add interest, such as with a soft knitted blanket or an area rug. You can also play different furniture pieces off each other, like a wood side table paired with a leather sofa.

Keep the Accessories To A Minimum

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Once you’ve perfectly coordinated your furniture, it’s important to carry your design ethos into your accessories! As the name suggests, minimalists prefer a look without too many knick knacks or decorations. Accentuate the beauty of a coffee table by placing a book or two on it yet leave the surface otherwise bare. Use wall hangings sparingly while leaving plenty of negative space to complete the effect.


Use Storage Wisely

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Of course, no one lives a clutter-free life all the time! In order to keep your minimalist space looking clean, you’ll need somewhere to store your books, blankets, remote controls, or anything else that might spoil the effect. Cube shelves work well, as do coffee tables with drawers. Anything that allows you to tuck items away unseen!

Many practitioners of minimalism find their decor style calming and their homes easier to clean. This isn’t simply a trend, but an ethos that preaches not sweating the small stuff! Use one of our minimalist decor ideas today and you may find your home transformed! Be sure to follow along on the Medallion Blog for more great decor ideas.