Get Motivated with these 5 Home Office Organization Tips

home office office organization tips

Your home office is the place where you complete tasks for work, right in the comfort of your own place. If properly organized, it can also be a place you look forward to spending time in, as well as a great room for keeping files and important documents organized. Transform your office into the perfect workspace, and get motivated with these 5 tips for home office organization!

Divide the Room

home office organization

The perfect home office is divided into three sectors, each of which is dedicated to a different activity or storage space. The first is the workspace, which should include a surface that is clear of any clutter. This area of the room should be set up for all of your writing as well as your computer needs. The second space is the reference center, which includes any research materials, binders, books, or files you may use to complete your daily tasks. The last sector of an efficient office space is the supply center. This space is dedicated to keeping all of your office necessities like pens, pencils, and paper in order. Whether you opt for a filing cabinet or storage bins, this area will help prevent you from having a cluttered desktop and it will keep your office tidy.

Invest in Drawer Organization

Home Office organization

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find a pen or a piece of stationery when you are trying to complete a task quickly and efficiently. Save yourself some time and frustration by investing in drawer organizers. Not only will it keep your drawers tidy, it will also save you the frustration of searching for an item you need. It is the perfect way to increase your productivity while keeping your home office organized!

Combine Open and Closed Storage

Home Office organization

While your office will mostly have papers and important documents that need to be filed away, there will also be heirlooms and other items you may want on display. Optimize your storage options and leave your office looking tidy by combining both close-faced storage, like drawers, and open-faced storage, like shelving units. Combining the two types will keep your office tidy while maintaining the open-air feeling in the room.

Organize Your Cords

home office organization tips

With technology today, it is not uncommon to have multiple electronic devices in your home office that require charging. Electrical cords and charging cables can cause your office to appear cluttered, and it can become a difficult task to identify which cable is associated with which device. Avoid the clutter and confusion and label all of your cords with bread tags, and hide the cords away with an organizer like this one. Taking this step will keep your home office tidy, making it easier for you to get motivated.

Utilize Mobile Furniture

home office organization

A home office in a small space can be a challenge to keep organized, as the furniture can become an obstacle for cleaning, and it can take up valuable space that could be used for other purposes. Using mobile furniture is the perfect way to optimize the floor space you have in your home office, as it can easily be moved and stowed away when required. It also allows you to rearrange the layout whenever you like, making the room more engaging and exciting for you.

Getting your home office organized is the perfect way to motivate yourself and get more work done. Taking steps like investing in drawer organization, dividing the room by task, and stowing your cords away will help you transform your office into an organized dream! For more ideas on home office organization, visit the Medallion Blog.