How To Display Art Without Damaging Walls


Incorporating art into your home is a wonderful way to show off your style while adding warmth to your space. However, heavy pictures can cause damage to walls when hung with the traditional nail and hammer method. Fear not, we have some ideas for renters everywhere who want to display art without damaging walls!

Use Adhesives

display art without damaging walls

Our first tip explains hanging a picture without causing any noticeable damage to walls. A variety of adhesive options exist to achieve this! Hooks and strips can secure up to four pounds of weight to a wall without causing a scratch. If you’re looking to hang something heavier, special adhesive strips could be the answer. For light items like posters, Sticky Tack or similar products work well.

Display Art On Shelves

display art without damaging walls

Another idea is to forgo hanging altogether! Art on shelves is just as stylish as when it’s hung. Try layering a few pictures of different sizes on a shelf above your bed. Or try placing portraits in cube shelves with other decorative items. Sometimes the answer to displaying art without damaging walls is to not hang it at all!

Display Art On Furniture

display art without damaging walls

Placing art on furniture is another way to display art without hanging. Large pieces look great on credenzas in entryways or above a mantlepiece. As with displaying art on shelves, we suggest grouping art of varying sizes but similar colours when using this tip. 

Use An Easel

display art without damaging walls

This one may sound slightly out of leftfield, but displaying art on an easel is often how we see it in certain museums and galleries! If you have a truly beautiful piece, placing it on an easel may be the best way to really let it shine. It’s a unique method for display art without damaging walls!

Decorative Tape

display art without damaging walls

Decorative tape comes in endless patterns and colours to suit every taste! Use it to hang photos and postcards and give your space a quirky look without damaging walls. You can get creative with tape by arranging it to suggest a frame around your art. We suggest creating groups of images based on people or times in your life. Dedicate one area of your wall to a vacation in Spain and another to a cottage weekend. Decorative tape is a fun way to display your favourite memories with loved ones!

Clothespin Display

display art without damaging walls

Our final hanging option to avoid damaging walls is to use a clothespin display. Simply find hooks already on your wall and tie a piece of yarn or twine onto them. If you can’t find hooks it might be possible to use a thumb tack, which would leave only a very small hole in your wall that could be easily patched up. Next, go wild adding pictures, postcards, and art with clothespins! If you’re crafty, you might want to paint the clothespins to give your display some extra pizzazz.


We hope you’ve gotten some valuable advice on how to display art without damaging walls. Whether you go for the casual look of layered pictures on shelves or a quirky clothespin display, there are many options for sprucing up your home while keeping your walls intact! Thanks for reading and remember to follow along on the Medallion Blog for more decorating tips.