How To Use Room Dividers


We love room dividers, which can work in spaces both large and small to add interest to a room and create different living spaces according to your needs. You may be unsure of how to decorate with this versatile piece of furniture, however, so we’ve come up with a few ideas for the best ways to use them.

Divide Your Space

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It says it all in the name: room dividers are a great way to separate a large room into different spaces. A studio apartment can be divided into a living room and bedroom, or a study nook can be created in a larger room. When used this way, room dividers create both privacy and a sense that different areas have different uses.

Think Outside The Box

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When it comes to room dividers, there are endless options. Folding screens are common, being light and easy to move, and are available in a huge range of styles. However, shelving units can be a wonderful room divider. They double as storage and allow you to show off your personal mementos. DIYing something out of wooden crates or scrap metal is another option. Anything that has enough height and width and can stand upright counts as a divider.

Create An Entryway

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If you have a particularly eye-catching piece, why not place it right in front of your door so it’s the first thing guests see? By putting a room divider between your living space and door, you can create an entryway. Place a small table nearby to hold your keys and wallet to complete the effect.

Use It To Animate A Corner

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On the other hand, a divider doesn’t necessarily need to divide at all. If you’re stuck on an empty corner in your home, fold up your divider and set it up so it’s filling negative space. It’s a creative way to style a room and has the added benefit of not damaging walls with nails like hanging a picture often does.

Create Your Own Wardrobe Area

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If you are a clotheshorse who can never find enough closet space, a room divider may be the answer. Section off a corner of your bedroom and set up a rack of clothes and a mirror. You’ll find this little oasis dedicated to getting dressed can be a peaceful place to start your day. As a tip, you can store any items you want tucked away but don’t have room for behind a divider. 
We hope these tips encourage you to think about how room dividers can brighten up your home. Whether you’re looking for storage, privacy, or a decorative feature, room dividers can solve the problem. Thanks for reading and remember to follow along with the Medallion blog for more great home decor tips.