Our Guide To Furniture Worth Spending On (And 3 Pieces You Can Save On)


Interior decorating is an expression of your personal style and allows you to make a house a home. However, furniture can be expensive, especially if you find yourself moving out on your own for the first time and needing to buy a whole set at once. When it comes down to it, some smaller pieces of furniture that see less use can be bought on a budget, while others you should think of as investment pieces. Read on for our guide to furniture worth spending on!

Spend On Your Mattress

furniture worth spending on

Your bedroom should be a retreat where you can relax and unwind, and nothing is more important than your bed for achieving that. Your mattress is the piece of furniture you spend the most time on, so we definitely recommend splurging. Think about which position you favour while sleeping and how firm you like your mattress and let that guide your choice. Side sleepers who want great support and comfort might like memory foam, while those who sleep on their back tend to need something a little firmer such as an inner coil mattress.

Spend On Your Sofa

furniture worth spending on

Similar to your mattress, a sofa is something you use often so we recommend allocating more of your budget towards it. Further, it’s the anchor to your living room and most likely the first thing people see when they enter. We suggest opting for a timeless style instead of something trendy so you’ll love it for years to come. Go for a neutral or soft hue to ensure it will match with whatever furniture you’re likely to purchase in the future.

Spend On Your Dining Table (But Only If You Use It!)

furniture worth spending on

A dining table is worth a splurge if you use it often, as opposed to eating at an island, and if you entertain a lot. We recommend getting a dining table with leaves, so it’s likely to fit in a smaller or larger space if you move or add to your family. As with other investment pieces, think carefully about your purchase and aim for something classic instead of a passing fad.

Save On Rugs

furniture worth spending on

Rugs can do a great job of pulling a room together while adding colour and style inexpensively. Many lower-priced options are available online, and since even expensive rugs are susceptible to daily wear and tear, it might not be worth it to splurge on this purchase. Lifespans are shortened even more if you have small children or pets.

Save On Table Lamps

furniture worth spending on

Lamps are another accent piece that spruce up your style. Stylish table lamps under $50 are easy to find, however, so save your money with this purchase.

Save On Side Tables

furniture worth spending on

Side tables don’t need to break your bank. Whether it’s Structube or Ikea, you can expect to find an attractive option on a budget when shopping for this piece of furniture. Besides holding a mug of coffee or a cocktail when you have guests over, side tables don’t see a lot of use so it’s not necessary to buy the best quality available.

So there you have it, our picks for furniture worth spending on and 3 pieces you can save on. With some savvy shopping it’s possible to outfit your home stylishly while saving. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow along on the Medallion blog for more decor advice.