Inventive Ways to Set Up A Shared Children’s Room

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Sharing a room can teach children relationship skills like cooperation and compromise. You may choose to have kids share out of necessity or to use a bedroom as a guest room or an office. Whatever the case, if you view room-sharing as a positive and can get your children excited about decorating in inventive ways, it’s likely to be a good experience! Read on for our tips on how to set up a shared children’s room.

Make Sure Each Child Has Their Own Private Storage

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While sharing space can be a chance for siblings to grow closer and learn to communicate better, it’s still important for your children to have a designated area where they can store their personal items. This is one case where it’s worth it to buy multiples so kids have an area to call their own. Consider buying multiple shelving units so toys and books can be stowed away. For an alternative that allows for a bit more privacy, try drawers so belongings can be hidden inside. Many beds come with drawers built in underneath, which is a great way to maximize on both space and money. When you set up a shared children’s room, get your kids involved in creating their own personal corner of the room so they understand the importance of boundaries as they grow older.

Mismatched Furniture

shared children's room

Don’t assume that all sets of furniture have to match! Another great way to encourage your kids to cooperate is to get everyone to agree on coordinating, yet individual, decor. A varied, eclectic decor palette feels more fresh and modern than a room where all the furniture matches. Pick a bedspread colour for each child and use similar tones for wall hangings and bed-side knick knacks. Use a colour over the whole room, such as white in the example above, to bring everything together.  In short, tailoring your decor according to each of your kids’ preferences is a great way to set up a shared children’s room!

Consider Bunk Bedsshared children's room

Bunk beds can be a space-saving solution in smaller rooms, as well as fun for younger children. Modern designs can be sleek, as seen above, or follow a more traditional style in brightly painted wood. A bonus is bunk beds can be a great launching point for DIY projects. The design above was stenciled with a cityscape to tie in with the modern decor of the bedroom. Another easy addition is curtains. In fact, many bunk beds come already fitted with curtains that close to give your kids privacy and to muffle noise. When you set up a shared children’s room, don’t overlook classic bunk beds that come in many modern, space-saving designs!

Divide Up the Room for Privacyshared children's room

Curtains aren’t just for window coverings! A stylish way to give your kids privacy is to use them in shared children’s rooms. When closed, they can give a sense of solitude, but can just as easily be tucked away when not needed. This can be especially welcome for older children or children of different genders sharing a room. Another option, if you don’t want to install a curtain runner, is to use a folding screen to divide up a room. Either way, consider creating a decorative barrier in the room to carve out personal space when you set up a shared children’s room!

We hope this has given you some decor ideas for room sharing. We’re sure your kids will be delighted with their new space! Make sure to follow the Medallion Blog for more great interior design ideas.