Spring Decor Tips to Welcome the Warmer Weather

spring decor tips

Spring is traditionally the season of renewal and rejuvenation. With warmer temperatures and more sun, you’ll probably find you have more energy for organization and projects around the house. We have a couple of easy suggestions for you to give your home a little spring makeover and ring in the new season! Read on for our picks for the best spring decor tips of 2019.

DeClutter Your Bedroom & Feel Lighter and Spring Ready

spring decor tips

These days everyone is sparking joy with Marie Kondo, but shedding excess belongings has long been a favourite strategy of organized people. You’ll find that having fewer items to deal with makes organization much faster. We suggest de-cluttering your bedroom since that’s the area of your home that is meant for relaxing and recharging. Start by separating your belongings into categories like clothes, bedding, documents and filing, before dealing with each one on its own. Look for doubles– do you really need two pairs of white jeans?– and ask friends and acquaintances if they are interested in them before donating or recycling. Follow this spring decor suggestion and your bedroom will be organized in no time!

Accent With Patterned Throw Pillows to Brighten Up Spaces

spring decor tips

Re-decorating can be costly, but one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways to freshen up a room is by using throw pillows. Interior decor experts suggest rotating them out with the seasons so your home will always be current, and nothing says spring like pastels and floral patterns. Add some to your sofa in the living room and stack them on your bed. Consider also arranging over-sized throw pillows around coffee tables so they double as seating. The secret is to vary your arrangements in size and colour. Mixing patterns is a favourite of many designers, but they caution to use patterns of different sizes to avoid clashing. You’ll find the options available to you are limitless when it comes to using throw pillows to update your spring decor!

Accessorize With Rugs and Mirrors

spring decor tips

After throw pillows, rugs and mirrors would be our pick for accessories that don’t break the bank, yet can really transform a room. Mirrors make rooms appear spacious by reflecting light and adding depth, while rugs are a great way to add a cozy feel to areas with hardwood floors. The key is to add pieces that will harmonize with your current decor. If you have a feminine space with soft lines, look for a mirror with a curving frame in pink or white. On the other hand, if you’re updating a modern room with clean lines, look for a rug in a similar style. Keep in mind that lavenders, pinks, and floral patterns are the best way to bring spring decor into a room!

DIY this Rustic Lantern Filled with Tulips

spring decor

Tulips might as well be declared the patron saint of spring, and their inclusion into a room will add a feeling of freshness right away. We love this easy yet super effective DIY project that plays delicate blooms off of an antique lantern. All you need to round out your supplies is some moss and a bird’s nest, both of which can be found at your local craft supply store. A fun project like this gets you in the mood for the warmer weather while also bringing a little spring decor into your space!

We hope you gained some inspiration for your spring decor with our suggestions. Remember, there’s no need to overhaul your home! Think small adjustments in organization and a couple of well-chosen accessories, and you’ll find your space is spring ready in no time. We hope you get out and enjoy the weather this weekend and remember to follow along with the blog for more great interior design tips!