Winter Bedding Trends You’ll Love


Did you know that the average person spends about 26 years of their life asleep? That’s a lot of time spent in bed! With that figure in mind, it’s no wonder we love to splurge on beautiful bedding and soft sheets to create the perfect sleeping environment. Not only can changing your bedding refresh your bedroom decor, it goes a long way towards improving your sleep hygiene. Read on for our best ideas for winter bedding trends!

Blush And Green

winter bedding

A hot trend going into 2020 is pale pink paired with green. Although not classic winter colours, this palette serves to brighten up bedrooms during the shorter days of colder seasons. Plus, it’s a timeless combination that will look fresh for years to come! If you want to try this winter bedding style, we suggest you tailor it to your current colour scheme. If your bedroom is decorated in cooler tones, go for blue-leaning greens and pinks, and look for warmer-toned colours if that’s what your room is outfitted in.

Retro Graphics

winter bedding

Think mod 60s and groovy 70s prints when looking for winter bedding patterns! Graphic and colourful is all the rage. These bold prints look great against bedrooms painted white or with an otherwise uniform colour scheme. Skip this one if your current decor already features prints, since too many patterns can look messy.


winter bedding

Metallics are always in style, but they’re projected to be especially big as we move into 2020! Certain metallics are subtle enough to almost be considered a neutral, and can easily be incorporated into your decor. Others are more glittery and textured, and are best treated as the star of the show. Pair them with soft colours to really make your bedding stand out!

Boho Patterns

winter bedding

Find your inner free spirit with a variety of patterns, textures, and colours! The secret to keeping a unified look is to stick to one or two colours, utilising different shades to keep it interesting. When it comes to patterns, experts counsel to mix prints of different sizes, which tend to pair better than ones too similar in size. Details like a tasseled throw or chunky knit blanket really pull a boho look together!


winter bedding

If you love an all-white palette but want to incorporate a stylish flair into your winter bedding decor, texture could be the way to go! From fringe to lace to intricate gathering, we’re seeing a trend of voluminous duvets this season with a range of textures. Feel free to get creative with this style: play off the texture of your bedding with furniture or a wall hanging, as seen in the above image.

Natural Linens

winter bedding

Our final trend has less to do with the look of your bedding than what it’s made of. Natural linens have many benefits for those who have trouble sleeping, since they are more breathable and regulate your body temperature much better than man-made materials. Organic bedding is also free of chemical treatments that you would otherwise be breathing in while you sleep. Finally, they often feel wonderful against the skin! High thread count organic sheets are worth the splurge if you’re someone who values their sleeping space.

Which of our winter bedding trends is your favourite? With our list in mind, you’ll have many options to rejuvenate your bedroom for the season! Good luck creating your perfect sleeping nook, and don’t forget to follow along on the Medallion blog for more great decor ideas.