The Best Sushi Spots Near Sherbourne Towns in Toronto


There was a time not so long ago when sushi was a relatively uncommon food item in Toronto. However, times have changed, and sushi is popular both as a fast, casual meal as well as for luxurious sit-down dinners. Since there are so many options, we narrowed down the best Sushi spots near Sherbourne Towns to visit soon!

Sushi Box on Bay

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For a no-frills, affordable option with a variety of delicious à la carte sushi, you can’t beat Sushi Box on Bay. Their portions are more than generous and the vibe inside the restaurant is clean and modern. This would be our pick for a weekend lunch with a friend or a quick meal before heading out for drinks. As a bonus, Sushi Box offers authentic Korean food alongside sushi, such as udon and bibimbap. However, their Green Dragon Roll is a must! Creamy avocado is paired with crispy tempura for a true palate pleaser. Be sure to check out this classic sushi spot near Sherbourne Towns.

Kiro Sushi

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If you’re looking for a weekend date night option, Kiro Sushi is your go-to sushi choice. The Japanese scrolls that adorn the walls along with the intimate booths make for a cozy setting. Kiro prides itself on selecting the freshest ingredients, often importing internationally to achieve their desired flavour profile. If you’re a seafood lover, you have to try the Volcano roll, which somehow stuffs salmon, tuna, scallops, and shrimp into a single roll! We’re sure this gem of a restaurant will be a frequent stop when you’re searching for a sushi spot near Sherbourne Towns.

Kibo Sushi House

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Kibo Sushi House is an option for those looking for a slightly more eclectic, fusion-inspired menu. They’re famous for their sushi pizza, which is a Toronto original dish that tops fried rice with raw fish. The finished product resembles pizza, although we can vouch that the taste is completely unique. Kibo Sushi House offer varieties that pair avocado with yam or tuna, and they’re some of their most popular menu items. They’re also known for their steamed dumplings, which are the perfect comfort food as the cooler months approach!

Kasa Moto

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Kasa Moto is a sushi spot near Sherbourne Towns to head to for a treat. With its sleek interior anchored by an ornate bar and rooftop patio, this is the most upscale restaurant on our list. The patio is heated and features deep sofas you can sink into while you enjoy your meal. Spread over two stories, this restaurant has been impressing its guests since 2015 with its unique take on Japanese fare. Menu items like Lobster Caesar Salad, which mixes Nova Scotia Lobster with yuzu sauce, are dishes unlike any other. Next time you’re looking to make a reservation for a special occasion, think of Kasa Moto!

One of our favourite things about Sherbourne Towns is the proximity to great dining. We hope we’ve piqued your interest with these wonderful sushi options! We’re sure you’ll find your favourite spot for a California roll on this list. Be sure to follow along on the Medallion Blog for more great dining ideas around Toronto.