Easy Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas

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Whether it’s getting delicious meals served on time or creating a beautiful table setting, even the most seasoned hosts can feel the pressure while throwing Thanksgiving celebrations. We want you to mingle with your friends and family during this holiday, not sweat it out in the kitchen all night long! With that in mind, here are five easy Thanksgiving entertaining ideas to make your night go smoothly!

Get Inventive With Your Sides

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A twist on a classic side is a sure fire way to please a crowd. Think of your favourite sides, then add an unexpected element that keeps it recognizable while elevating it. We love corn pudding, which incorporates a fall flavour into your menu in a unique way, or s’mores sweet potatoes, which are not only delicious but look impressive. Avoid getting stuck in a rut with this Thanksgiving entertaining idea!

Entertain With a Creative Craft

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With all the pressure to plan ahead and be the perfect gracious host, sometimes we lose sight of the point of Thanksgiving. Remind your guests to count their blessings with this gratitude bracelet craft idea. It’s simple and inexpensive, and can be a great ice breaker for guests. As a plus, kids love to be involved with projects and it keeps little ones occupied and out of the kitchen!

Nail Your Wine Pairing

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One thing that can be intimidating to even the most experienced home cooks is wine pairings. Are reds better in winter? Does fish always demand white wine? Fear not, for we’ve gathered expert advice on what pairs best with turkey. The mild taste of this white meat goes nicely with both reds and whites, so feel free to offer your guests multiple options according to their tastes. Sommeliers recommend chardonnay, pinot noir, and if you’d like to splurge, even champagne goes well with this classic autumn bird!

Save Time With a Make-Ahead Recipe

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If even beloved chef Ina Garten admits to preparing food days ahead of time, you can too! The secret to stress free hosting is accomplishing as much ahead of time as possible, so you have more time to be with your guests. This fool-proof recipe from Ina involves flavouring the turkey a few days ahead so there’s less fussing with your bird before it’s time to eat. Try it out for yourself!

Impress Guests With Your Table Setting

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A final flourish to your table setting is the perfect touch to wow your guests. We love this pocket fold that lets you tuck your guests’ utensils inside the napkin. Add a name tag and it looks like an inviting parcel begging your friends and family to eat!

Whether you choose to go with a craft or a recipe, we hope you learned something useful from our easy Thanksgiving ideas! Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff: your guests won’t be preoccupied with cutlery or the doneness of your bird if the company is engaging. Thanks for reading and remember to follow along on the Medallion blog for more great entertaining ideas!