Tips For At-Home Yoga


Spending more time at home doesn’t mean you need to be less active! One of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise is to start an at-home yoga routine. Research has proven that practitioners experience reduced stress and increased muscle tone and flexibility. The best part is that you can experience all these benefits while exercising from your own home! Read on for our simple steps to get you started.

Get Your Equipment

at-home yoga

The best thing about at-home yoga is you really only need a mat to practice it! Premium options are available for order at Lululemon, or you can try Canadian Tire for a more budget-friendly mat. If you love shopping eco-friendly, try Jade Yoga. Their mats are free of synthetics and made of sustainable rubber, and a tree is planted for each sale to help protect resources. If you are willing to invest more in your yoga practice, yoga blocks or balls would be a good place to start.

Pick Your Spot

at-home yoga

Since your equipment is minimal, you don’t need a permanent area for yoga. A mat can easily be rolled up and tucked away, a bonus if you don’t have a lot of space. If you are setting up in a common space, let family or roommates know you’ll be using the area ahead of time so you can experience minimal distractions. If you prefer privacy to experience all the benefits of yoga, try setting up in a home office or bedroom.

Consider Music

at-home yoga

Music can be a great concentration aide as it blocks noise from other apartments, family members, or traffic. Many yoga practitioners swear by it to help set the mood. Check Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube for yoga playlists specially tailored to relaxing or building up a sweat.

Find Your Yoga Instructor

at-home yoga

There are plenty of great instructors who offer free videos for you to get started on at-home yoga! Tara Stiles, a longtime instructor who has her own New York studio, is great for beginners since her lessons are easy to follow with a friendly tone. Fightmaster Yoga offers a variety of classes for newbies up to advanced yogis, and KinoYoga offers full-length classes as well as short tutorials on correct posture for poses. With the incredible amount of content out there, there’s plenty to choose from to start your yoga practice!

Make It A Habit

at-home yoga

When it comes to sustaining a lifestyle change that includes regular yoga, habit is key. You’ll notice each time you intend to start a session, your brain is likely to come up with excuses for why you should skip yoga that day. Maybe you’d rather have a snack or catch up on your favourite show. Research shows that only when something becomes a habit and is fully integrated into your daily routine will your mind stop trying to convince you the couch is the most attractive option!

Now that you see how affordable and easy it is to start an at-home yoga practice, there’s no reason to delay rolling out your mat! We hope you embrace the many benefits of yoga and don’t forget to follow the Medallion blog for more lifestyle tips.