3 Ways to Make an Apartment Seem More Spacious

open-plan-kitchen-dining-living-room-modern-designs-design-ideas-inspiration-designin make an apartment seem more spacious

A small apartment can be an easy and practical solution to high rental fees, and an advantageous way to save some money by cutting down on square footage. However, just because you may have a small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel closed in or cramped. Turn your small area into a dream oasis with these three tips on how to make an apartment seem more spacious!

Think Outside the Box

make an apartment seem more spacious

In an apartment, floor space can sometimes be limited, and storage space can be a challenge to find! Traditional furniture is perfect for a large home or an apartment with a lot of square footage but, if your space is a little bit smaller, thinking outside the box can transform your place from cramped and cluttered to the apartment you have always dreamed of.

Instead of using traditional furniture opt for multipurpose furniture, like a desk that doubles as a craft storage space. Using storage ottomans in your living room will provide you with a place for all your throw blankets and other items that should be stowed away. Using a tiered coffee table is the perfect way to provide a workspace, or opt for a traditional coffee table depending on your current requirements. Overall, thinking outside the box in regards to your furniture will help you find storage solutions and maximize your floor space, making your apartment feel bigger.

Remember That Less is More

make an apartment seem more spacious

Sometimes you can make small spaces seem bigger by simply finding the right angle to place your furniture as well as keeping your decor large and simple. Placing items right up against walls makes a space feel cozy, but it also can make it seem smaller. To give the illusion that your apartment is larger than it is, try pulling your couch a few inches out from the wall and adding a slim shelf behind it. The extra space will make the room seem larger than it is, and it will provide you with a surface to display photos or chic accent pieces. When decorating, instead of accumulating many smaller items, try using a few larger ones. This will eliminate the cluttered feeling, making your space seem larger and more open concept.

Let the Light Shine

make an apartment appear more spacious

One of the simplest ways to make an apartment feel more spacious is to make use of lighting! During the day, a room will feel larger if you leave your windows uncovered. The combination of natural light and the outdoor landscapes give your apartment more depth, giving it the illusion that it is larger than it really is. If your apartment requires privacy, opt for a lighter coloured drape or a chiffon curtain instead of using dark blinds. This will ensure that you don’t block out the natural light, maintaining that illusion of depth. At night, strategically placed lamps highlight darker corners, creating the illusion that there is more space, so you can feel like your apartment is larger than it actually is.
Overall, making your apartment seem larger is as simple as placing your furniture, using the right lighting, and rethinking traditional furniture. Using these tips will leave your apartment feeling spacious and airy, making it the apartment you always dreamed of. For more tips on how to make your apartment seem bigger than it is, visit the Medallion Blog.