How To Organize a Small Closet


In the dense urban area of Toronto, space is limited, and huge walk-in closets are hard to come by. What you may not know is that you don’t need a ton of room to have a beautifully organized closet! Read on for our tips on how to gain storage in a small closet.

Think Vertical Space

organize a small closet

One thing that nearly all closets have is vertical space. Even without a lot of depth or width, you can take advantage of the vertical area in your closet by using a tall, narrow set of drawers or shelves.  Or use a hanging organizer that holds tights, shoes, or accessories. These are inexpensive and can store quite a few items while not taking up a lot of room. In short, take advantage of vertical space when you are organizing a small closet.

Use Floor Space

organize a small closet

Another universal aspect of any closet is floor space. Don’t ignore it! Stackable bins are readily available at Ikea or Walmart for affordable prices, many on wheels for better ease of use. Our suggestion would be to use clear bins so you can see what’s inside without opening.  Another great use of floor space is a shoe rack, which keeps your footwear neatly organized to simplify getting dressed. As a bonus, theis a rack will help your shoes last longer since they hold the natural shape. Consider bins or a shoe rack when planning your small closet for great results.

Hang Over- the- Door Organizers

organize a small closet

Your options with door storage are nearly limitless! Add a rack with mini baskets to hold small items. You can even add further organization to the baskets as seen with the colourful containers in the picture above. Over-the-door shoe racks and jewellery organizers are also a favourite of ours. Finally, use an over-the-door hook rack, which allows towels, purses, and jackets to find a home in your small closet when they otherwise wouldn’t fit.

Use Shelf Dividers to Keep Stacks of Clothes Tidy

organize a small closet

If you have shelving in your closet, shelf dividers are a wonderful option to keep shelves organized while also maximizing space. Confining each stack to its proper place allows for more stacks per shelf, and the dividers keep soft, pliable items like sweaters and scarves where they’re supposed to be.

Use Self-Adhesive Hooks

organize a small closet

Self-adhesive hooks are a great option that will fit nearly anywhere in your closet without damaging walls or doors. Jewellery and other light items such as hats are a favourite to hang here. Remember, these can be used in areas of a small closet that otherwise might be hard to utilize, such as the base of a door.

These are just some solutions to help you get started on your closet, but the options are endless. Dividers, bins, and drawers are readily available in limitless variations to help get your closet organized and looking great! For more great home organization tips, follow along on the Medallion blog.